Elevator Internet of Things (Elevator IOT) yunfa net plus Cloud-App-Terminal Education (CAT Education)

Yunfa Net Plus

Based on the Cloud-App-Terminal tech, Yunfa Net Plus is a platform for customized information distribution. With a brand new intelligent communication network and engine technique, Yunfa Net builds three ecology (owner, user and industry) upgrades for the information distribution.


CNIT’s self-developed Cloud Nest Operating System (NOS) is based on Google Android OS and customized for multi-media information distribution.


YunTouch serves as the equipment of touch digital signage for government and business. YunTouch also has several upgraded features such as equipping A83TS eight-core processor to satisfy the stability of rapid operation, carrying CNIT’s NOS to make remote terminal management possible as well as uploading HD camera and build-in microphone to realize communication between the product and user.

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