Taoping Smart Platform is a technology-leading cloud smart management platform. It provides multidimensional

smart services for the media and retail industries by integrating AI with big data innovation. The platform helps to standardize operation and

maintenance, simplify transaction processes, mine data value, and precisely market to gain customers.

Smart Display Screens Resource Aggregation

Through the platform LBS positioning technology, the platform aggregates the point resources of the Taoping Smart Display Screen in global life scenes. Managed and controlled by the platform, merchants can construct an open resource sharing platform, which greatly improves the efficiency of resource docking and allocation.

Smart Technology management

It provides one-stop, easy-to-integrate, easy-to-deploy, secure, and fast display smart management solutions, including display screens operation and maintenance, remote control, fast access, firmware upgrade, fault alarm, etc.

Smart Publishing System

The platform technology enables Taoping Network / Taoping APP to achieve real-time publishing, precise Ad Spot Selection, high-frequency exchange of advisement, online transactions and other one-stop publishing.

Multidimensional Data Services

The platform provides data collection, data management, data development, data analysis, data monitoring, data virtualization, and other one-stop web processing environment of big data. It helps to quickly build data centers, easily mine data values, and achieve data realization.

Platform Transaction Management

The platform opens up payment channels with Taoping APP and Taoping GO, making functions such as information publishing and e-commerce transaction easy-to-manage. It also provides comprehensive services such as customer, finance, order, and payment management.

Unified Management
The platform uniformly accesses and manages display devices, storage engines, data engines, analysis engines, etc., and provides a unified access portal and programming interface.

Smart Technology
The platform integration of information publishing, mobile detection, big data services, and much other artificial intelligence and big data technologies is the important cornerstone for Taoping to build the new life scene media.
The platform takes data and algorithms as the core to achieve multi-channel data acquisition, data analysis, data diagnosis, etc. through data driving, providing top digital marketing capabilities for industries.
Safety Control
The platform provides various security measures and completed user rights management system such as data encryption to conduct security control on the platform and improve the platform security level.